Zom-Zom the Far-Out (pronounced "zoom zoom") is a character you encounter multiple times in the story mode of LittleBigPlanet 3. He runs a costume shop and has a strong French accent. If you purchase five costumes from any Zom Zom's store in any theme, you'll get a special item known as the Illuminator.

Each of the three stores initially carries 100 Collectabells worth of merchandise.


LittleBigPlanet 3

Zom Zom first appears in Manglewood, trying to lure Sackboy to come and check out his shop. Along with that, he also displays some of his magic skills by popping out from a floating star. He never does this again, however, as he only appears in his shop in The Ziggurat and Bunkum Lagoon. He does not play any part in the main story.



Zom Zom appears to have an Eight Ball for a head, tilted sideways with dots in the eight holes for eyes. He wears a turban with a plastic jewel on it, with a clothes pin through it.


Zom Zom is a minor character and through all his appearances just speaks about his shop. However, within his speech, certain traits can be taken indirectly. Such traits are greed, since once you buy all clothes from a shop is reaction is to celebrate that his pockets are full of Collectibells, and that he is quite persuasive, constantly pointing out his designs, with a bit of vanity.

Shop Locations

  1. Manglewood Swamp: From central spawn, go left & climb up, continue left, store is in upper left corner.
  2. Ziggurat Grand Hall: From central spawn, go left & slide down, head far left, climb up, store is at left edge.
  3. Bunkum Lagoon: From central spawn, go right & ascend platform, continue right, store is on right edge.


  • Zom Zom appears to have Magic Skills, kind of like The Great Magician.
  • In the beta version of the game, a Collectabell vending machine with a wind-up key that appears at the end of each level has a carving mark of a Z. This references Zom Zom.
  • In the LittleBigPlanet 3 Alpha, he was originally going to send Sackboy into Dimensional Doorways Instead of selling costumes, and except his French accent, he speaks in a similar way to Dr. Herbert Higginbotham.
  • Zom Zom was originally be named "Lil Stink".
  • Zom Zom's name is a reference to synth-rock musician Gary Numan's song "Down in the Park", as the game's soundtrack also includes Numan's rendition of "Trois Gymnopedies".
  • Zom Zom's costume can be obtained by acing Needlepoint Peaks.


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