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Think this jumped-up skateboard is worthy of a race with me? You got guts, kiddo. OK, Let's race!
— Ze Dude upon being challenged to a race.

Ze Dude is the main villain in The Metropolis, that first appears in LittleBigPlanet. He speaks using the Magic Mouth, using the Beatbox voice.

He and his bodyguards can be unlocked during The Collector's Lair level after freeing him.



Ze Dude resembles a human African-American male with an afro and a karate outfit.



Sackboy first meets him in a race, where he apparently stole Mags' car. During the race, Ze Dude falls off a broken bridge, requiring Sackboy to go retrieve the car in the Subway. He is later seen being carried away by The Collector but then gets loose. They find him attacking Mags' construction site with a fireball machine. When Sackboy reachs him at the end, he sends his bouncers to get him. After defeating the Bouncers, Sackboy ends up fighting Ze Dude himself. After beating him, he recognizes Sackboy's skill as a fighter and decides to help him, giving him a private jet to fly to his sensei, Grandmaster Sensei.


Mags The Mechanic

Although Ze Dude stole Mags' car and trashed her construction site, they seem to be on good terms at the end of LittleBigPlanet.

Grandmaster Sensei

There is no interaction between Ze Dude and Grandmaster Sensei during the story mode of LittleBigPlanet, however Grandmaster Sensei is Ze Dude's sensei in presumably karate, and has taught him well, seeing as he has a black belt.


  • It's possible that The Collector wanted Ze Dude to attack Sackboy as a favor for saving him from drowning, seeing Sackboy as a threat. Ze Dude later informs Sackboy where to go next, which may be why the Collector recaptures Ze Dude.
  • He has not been seen, or referenced in the series outside of the first LittleBigPlanet game.
  • He is a skin in the PlayStation exclusive Minecraft LittleBigPlanet mash-up pack.

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