Nice work! Your skill at reuniting families is needed to save my friend Frida's wedding. Take this tunnel there...
— Wobbly Ape

Wobbly Ape is an ape from The Savannah. They generally direct Sackboy on where to go and what to do, which leads him to The Wedding. They use the sound file "Gibbon".



Wobbly Ape first appears in Swinging Safari. Because Sackboy accidentally broke one of Zola's creations, they tell him to go see Zola in his tree palace. They reappear the the end of the level, telling Sackboy that they think they know what's troubling the buffalo.

They return in Burning Forest, warning Sackboy that the ground is on fire, and later figures out that the Crocs are what's bothering the buffalo.

Their next appearance is in The Meerkat Kingdom, where they appear at the end of the level and congratulates Sackboy for reuniting Stripy Tail and his mother, and says Sackboy's family reuniting skills are needed to save their friend Frida's wedding.

Their last appearance is in The Collector's Lair, where they are freed by Sackboy.



Wobbly Ape is a generic looking ape that looks identical to other apes. They have a light brown skin, with a light yellow belly, and a green mouth.


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