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Vex is the main antagonist of Sackboy: A Big Adventure. He is a jester-like master of a despair-inducing force called Uproar who enslaves the inhabitants of Loom and steals from around Craftworld to create a machine that will plunge Craftworld into a force called Uproar, descending Craftworld into complete terror, chaos, and despair.

While kidnapping the Sackfolk from Loom, Sackboy managed to snatch Vex's plans and escape through his pod. Sackboy pursued Vex as he started stealing from around Craftworld, while Sackboy collected Dreamer Orbs along the way. Eventually, Vex reveals that he manipulated Sackboy into collecting the Dreamer Orbs, and would steal them from Sackboy. After powering up the Topsy Turver, Sackboy faces Vex and manages to defeat him and destroy the Topsy Turver.

He was portrayed by Richard E. Grant.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The dastardly Vex (a near-mythical being born of chaos and fear) goes to the town of Loom, where he preaches his plan of plunging Craftworld into Uproar using a machine called the Topsy Turver, descending Craftworld into a hell-like landscape of despair and terror. He turns his right hand into vacuum and sucks up all the inhabitants, known as Sackfolk, for them to work on the Topsy Turver. This most deadly diabolical device will transform Craftworld from a fantastical land of pure imagination and innocent dreams… into a torrid, barren eyesore of nightmares. Ooh, the fiend!

One of the inhabitants, Sackboy, manages to grab onto a handrail. Seeing his Pod and that Vex had dropped his plans, Sackboy uses the suction of the vacuum to come towards the pod, snatching the plans in the process. He then uses the Pod to the escape from Loom.

Vex goes to the Soaring Summit to steal all the cold air in order to use it as coolant for the Topsy Turver. The precense of his Uproar is resulting in odd effects showing on the local fauna. Sackboy travels the Soaring Summit, collecting Dreamer Orbs along the way in order to advance. Sackboy confronts Vex, who taunts him by showing him the Sackfolk under enslavement. Sackboy and Vex fight, though Sackboy succeeds in winning by deflecting bombs at him. As Vex flees, he vows to strip Craftworld of its resources.

Vex travels to the Colossal Canopy, where he steals the bananas from the inhabitants. The leader, Mama Monkey, assigns Sackboy with driving Vex out. When Sackboy confronts Vex, Vex taunts Sackboy by showing him the enslaved Sackfolk again, and uses the Uproar to create a creature called the Vexed Mamapede to fight Sackboy before fleeing. Sackboy manages to defeat the Vexed Mamapede before continuing his journey.

In the Kingdom of Crablantis, Vex steals King Bogoff's goods and fleece the oceans of its tides. Bogoff is forced to give Sackboy a swingamajig, a grappling-hook-like tool, and have him stop Vex. Sackboy finds Vex, who attempts to persuade Sackboy into joining forces with him, claiming that he gave Sackboy adventure and that its what the Sackfolk what. When Sackboy rejects, Vex fights Sackboy again, but fails. Before running away, Vex tells Sackboy that his worst nightmares will come true.

Vex travels to the Interstellar Junction to steal the power away from its stars. The Non Aggressive Overseer of Massive Intelligence (N.A.O.M.I.) assigns Sackboy with stopping Vex. However, when Sackboy reaches the end of the Interstellar Junction, N.A.O.M.I. reveals that she was possessed by Vex and attempts to kill Sackboy. Sackboy manages to restore N.A.O.M.I.'s original programming and purge Vex of it. After N.A.O.M.I. leaves, Vex reveals to Sackboy that he manipulated into collecting the Dreamer Orbs throughout his journey in order to steal them to power up the Topsy Turver. Vex steals the Dreamer Orbs and leaves Sackboy as he wallows in despair.

Vex travels to the Center of Craftworld to replace the Tree of Imagination with the Topsy Turver. When Sackboy confronts Vex one more time, Vex reveals that Craftworld is now full of Uproar and that he rules over it. Sackboy fights Vex and manages to vanquish him. Though Sackboy is intially glad that Vex is gone, Vex's voice reveals that as long as there is still Uproar, he will be invincible. Sackboy travels to the Topsy Turver. As Sackboy's mentor, Scarlet, is about tell Sackboy her plan of destroying the Topsy Turver, Vex knocks Scarlet unconscious. Sackboy goes to the Topsy Turver and fights Vex before defeating him and destroying the Topsy Turver, ending his reign over Craftworld and restoring it back to its fun-filled roots.

In the post-credits scene, the disembodied head of Vex yells "Sweet nightmares, Sackboy!" before laughing evilly.



Vex seems to be a red and navy blue jester with glowing eyes, a stitched-mouth, three wires for arms, three sharp fingers, navy blue gloves, a ripped up cape, and navy blue boots.

Vex uses Uproar which grants him many fantastic powers. He can create floating green fists that he uses to smash Sackboy. He can also use the uproar to control other entities, making them Vexed. He can make objects like bombs out of thin air as we see in his boss battles. He also appears to be able to shape shift although when he does whatever he shape shifts into changes to his color scheme and outfit. While being able to shape shift into entities he can also shape shift specific parts of his body, we see him turn his arm into a vacuum of sorts in the beginning cutscene of the game and at the ending cutscene of Nervous System, and his neck and limbs grow longer in his boss battles. Vex's green duel lighting mark on his head might have something to do with the uproar as all Vexed enemies have it, it also seems to be the same color as the uproar.


Vex is a sadistic power-hungry chaotic entity that takes pleasure in seeing the fear in the inhabitants of Craftworld. He even admits in the beginning of the game that the terror he brought on the Sackfolk gives him a "tingly feeling". His entire goal is to spread terror and despair among Craftworld. Though he does occasionally claim that as long as there are dreams, there will be nightmares, it's very clear that his only motivation is his own sadism and being born out of the nightmares themselves.

He also seems to gain pleasure from taunting Sackboy. He constantly jeers at Sackboy by showing him enslaved Sackfolk, and claiming that the Sackfolk are happy, when he and Sackboy both know that they aren't. He even attempts to pursuade Sackboy into joining forces with him, saying it's what the Sackfolk want. After taunting Sackboy, he engages in fights with Sackboy, simply to show him the power of the Uproar. Despite Vex's constant mockery, Sackboy never gives up on trying to stop Vex.

Vex eventually reveals he had been mainpulating Sackboy into pursuing him and collecting Dreamer Orbs. He dropped the plans near Sackboy, knowing that he would grab it and try to pursue him. Vex knew that his taunting was making Sackboy more determined and likely knew Sackboy would win each fight. After revealing his mainpulation, Vex stole the Dreamer Orbs to power up his machine and openly mocks Sackboy, calling him "nothing more than a glorified spark plug" and saying that he will be telling Sackboy's friends about what Sackboy inadvertently did.

His greatest weakness is his overconfidence. He shows no fear towards anyone, including Sackboy. He believes that his plan will not fail at all, only engaging in fights with Sackboy to show him the power of the Uproar. Even when Sackboy wins in his fights, Vex still continues his plan and eventually succeeds for a short while. Though he greatly underestimated Sackboy's abilities, as eventually, Sackboy succeeds in vanquishing Vex and destroying the Topsy Turver.


Having A Blast - Vex

This fight takes place on a large platform with a gap in the center, and with all solid ground comprised of conveyor belts. He'll throw time bombs, they can be thrown at Vex (Which is the only way to beat him). He'll summon fists to squish you. At some points, Vex will push back the conveyor belts, flames will even come out of the belts.

The Deep End - The Vextinguisher

This fight takes place on the same platform as the previous fight, but Vex has some new tricks up his sleeve: He'll rise some of the conveyor belts ups, and he'll make them have flames coming out around them. At some points, Vex will push the conveyor belts around.

Until Vex Time - The Vexterminator

This fight takes place again on the conveyor platform, and Vex employs new attacks: He'll rise some of the conveyor belts ups by jump to the air. Vex will summon spikey pillars that roll forward on the conveyors.

Vexpiration Date - The Vexecutioner

Unlike the previous fights with Vex, this fight is not on the conveyor platform.

Arena 1

Vex's head will come out of three doors in each sides of the arena, you'll have beat the head when He'll summon fists to squish you, pull out your lives, summoned A trapping thing underneath you, launch out missiles, . He'll disguised himself as one of the enemies, mainly turrets and marching enemies.

Arena 2

Vex will appear in his normal form with 9 platformers and two walls between. He'll do the same attacks in the 1st phase. However, Vex will destroy the two walls and two platforms, the other platforms will move.


Summary Name Description Arena 1 Arena 2
Vexed Lives With a snap of an energy hand's fingers, a green ball of energy will approach the life counter, steal p+1* lives (or, if the current number of remaining lives is less than p+1,* all of the remaining lives), and throw them to the arena as Life Coins. Players must be diligent to pick up these Life Coins, else Vex's victory will be all but certain.

*Where p is the number of players

Vexed Friend In multiplayer Vex will snap his fingers and turn the 1st player into the purple enemy for a very on amount of time.
Nom Nom Nom In A snap of Vexes fingers he will spawn one of the things that eat you right underneath you.
Happy Holidays Vex will drop 2 crates and a bomb the crates will turn into purple enemy’s unless you destroy them first.


  • Vex's name means to make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters, this seems to match his behavior in the game. (From Google)
  • Vex called the Sackpeople "Sackers" as a way to tease them.
  • In the game's opening cutscene, Vex says, "Oh, don't tell me you don't recognize your old pal Vex!" This could mean that he has intruded on the town of Loom before, perhaps sometime long ago in the past. Or, a more unlikely conclusion, is that Sackboy and Vex were once friends.
  • It seems that Vex could be a recurring villain in some game, mostly a sequel to Sackboy: A Big Adventure.
  • Vex is one of the only antagonists to be made out of fabrics, the other antagonists being the Hoard.
  • Considering that Sackboy is canonically 8 cm (or 3 inches) tall and the same could be said for all Sackfolk, Vex may be around the average height of a human or around 5-6 feet.