Penny the painter is a curator in either little big planet 2 or ps vita. She' my oc! She's a mysterious lass!

Her looks

Penny is made completely out of arts and crafts! She has purple strips of paper for hair, her head and body is made out of paper-mâché, her limbs are old pipe cleaners, her hands and feet are toothpicks. She also has an odd gem in her head.

The curator that craftworld forget.

Her backstory is Shrouded in rumors but this is the truest one I've got.

Once, penny lived in her world of painter's paradise, until a band of unknowns invaded, kidnapped penny and stole one of the creation orbs. They're ancient and forbidden relics that radiate the three traits of a curator, curiosity,imagination and creativity. The unknowns stole the imagination orb, shoved it in penny's head, and... Launched her back into the kingdom? Nevertheless, three months later, she met colonel flounder, Marianne tonnete, Sean brawn, Otis and Mrs. Sunshine who all wanted her to stay with them, which she did. Now she cares for them while going on missions with her friends, the alliance.

LOVE?! That's right, if you rp in LBP Ps vita, she'll have feelings for Sean brawn. No crushes in LBP 2 tho.

The mysterious locket What are penny's secrets? Why did the puppets trust her so quickly? Why does she have an odd locket?

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