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  • LittleBigEater

    Page Sorting

    November 7, 2016 by LittleBigEater

    Antagonists merge with Sack-Thing

    2X player challanges

    Adventure merge with: Adventure Crater

    A Navy Frigate


    Adventure Time Level Kit


    Aerith Costume


    Atoi Costume

    A Little Knight Music (LBP3)

    Air Song (8am version)


    100% Complete

    Marked for Page Merge

    2-Way Switch

    3-Way Switch

    AND Gate (gadgets)

    Advanced Mover (gadgets)

    Analog value

    An Appetite for Metal


    Alpine Run


    The Alliance

    Avalon Centrifuge


    Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy

    2.0 Bee Or Not 2.0 Bee

    LBP theme

    After The Wedding

    Alex Evans


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  • LittleBigEater

    Greatings fellow LittleBIGPlanet Wiki users, are you getting tired of the same old look of this LBP wiki?

    Well you'll be glad to know i intend to do something about it. Based on "Cool Island" menu color scheme in LBP 3 (which i think is the default look) I have came up with a fresh new look for this wonderful Wikia. View the following image:

    The colors used are:

    • Main = #0039e6 100% transparent,
    • Button (Nav bar) = Green (i forgot to log the code),
    • Links = #80ff00
    • The header is (the bar at the bottom) = #ff00ff

    Before this new design is used i would like to ask "you" the community what you think of the proposed new look and if you have any suggestions/thoughts/opinions. If you do, drop them in the comments section. :)

    Other Ideas:




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  • LittleBigEater

    LBP3 images

    August 7, 2016 by LittleBigEater
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  • LittleBigEater

    about me

    March 16, 2016 by LittleBigEater

    Gee i don't know were to start...

    I sometimes play the LBP games when im not busy with "Life" (aka - the real world)

    I'll also update some pages on this wiki from time to time...

    I'm currently a discussions moderator (aka chat mod) on the god eater wiki...

    that is all

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