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"Tommorow Never Knows" -fareen

okay cya


(what im doing right now: getting badges so, I can be #1 or #2 on this wiki {it is still fine if I get ranked down after that.} and become a admin)

There are spoilers for the LittleBigPlanet series underneath this header. Read at your own risk.

dude nothing is gonna happen, theres no spoilers here...

or is it?

He's back





-one day later-

i'm a early bird duh


...oh you think you are

-grab Coca Cola-


hey stop it

{Coca Cola Espuma}

[I was lazy]


what I like and what I hate (btw, added it here because I forgot to put it)

likes: temmie flakes and coca cola espuma

kinda likes (still I hate it): lbp vita

hates: lbp karting and looking at a cow and a rainbow

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