Lets do this thing... whatever this thing is.
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About Me

It all started in about 2007 when me and my dad downloaded the LBP demo. I liked it so much that I bought the game of the year edition. It was a
ton of fun and I later bought LBP2, which was twice as much fun as the first. Since it came with LBP2, I own Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, and it's okay. I made Sack-Costumes (by hellorobert) in LBP2. I want a crown so bad, and I recorded one of my HelloTyler podcasts about LBP in hope of getting one. I have the LBP2 Move Pack too, and it rocks! I also have the Electric Mayhem Costume pack and the Muppet pack. I have LBP Portable, and I hope to get LBP Vita. (First I have to convince my dad to get me a VIta!) I also can't wait for LBP Karting.


My Favorite...

  • Character is Sackboy.
  • DLC pack is the Sly Cooper and Bentley costume pack.
  • Game is LBP2.
  • Level is Into the Heart of the Negativitron.
  • World is the Cosmos.


  • Making the Phil page on the Phineas and Ferb wiki, which was my first page created and edit ever done. Unfortunately, I forgot my username and password, so you won't find that on my contributions because I made a new profile.
  • Making an iPad app with my dad around Christmas 2011.
  • Making the HelloTylerPodcast and Blog around summer 2011.
  • Making my 50th edit, which was making this page.
  • Reaching 200 edits, which was uploading a picture.
  • My 400th edit, and the 500th page at the same time XD.

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