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Welcome to my page. It's cool, right? No? Okay.

I'm Haider Saleem and I edit pages that I think need revising, or need a little more information. I sometimes create pages, but I'm not a professional at that myself.

Of course, I have an outside life of wikia. In fact, I don't go on wikia that much. Take a look at my page for any more information you might want to like (although I doubt you'll find anything of your interest).

My Wikia Life

On wikia, I only tend to edit and create pages on wikia gaming. Anything outside that is probably television or movies. Here are some examples of wikia's I edit:

  • Shenmue Wikia
  • Heavy Rain Wikia
  • LittleBigPlanet Wikia
  • Saw Films Wikia
  • Doctor Who Wikia

Keep your eye out for my posts. Or edits. Or whatever I've done on wikia. Hopefully, I haven't messed anything up. 'Hopefully'.

Catch me on Games

So if you're a gamer like myself, you might want to add me. Feel free - but I can't gurantee 100% that your request will be accepted. Just tell me your from wikia when sending your friend request, and I'll be hitting the 'accept' button in no time!

For my online profile on gaming (Playfire), check out this link.

  • PlayStation Network ID -- 'DaLeK_H'
  • XBOX LIVE Gamertag -- 'Dalek Haider'
  • Nintendo Wii Friend Code -- Don't own a Wii anymore (for obvious reasons)

I'm mostly on PlayStation Network, so don't be threatned if I don't accept you immediatly on XBOX LIVE. And yes, I have Gold. No Call of Duty though.

Wow, you're on everything...

Here are a list of online accounts I have. Barely think you'll be interested, but I'll appreciate another follower on Twitter.

8-Bit Ninjas Collabrative Clan [8BN]

The 8-Bit Ninjas collabrative clan (commonly reffered as '8-Bit Ninjas' and tagged as '8BN') is a gaming clan currently focused around the LittleBigPlanet franchise. Established on August 15 2009, it is lead by me DaLeK_H (me) and YoshiJoshWKJD. The 8-Bit Ninjas are classed as a small clan, with under 30 members. However, the 8-Bit Ninjas have aims to expand the clan by recruiting more sackpeople by minute. For more information, including a full database and forum, visit the 8-Bit Ninjas website by clicking here.