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Uncle Jalapeño (pronounced Cala-peen-yo) is the Creator Curator of The Canyons. He teaches Sackboy how to use explosives, and helps chase Sheriff Zapata throughout The Canyons. He also drives Sackboy over to The Metropolis.



Uncle Jalapeño first appears in The Canyons level, Boom Town. According to Don Lu, he is the master of explosives. He appears to have befriended a man named Devante, who also knows a thing or two about explosives.

In Boom Town, Sackboy helps Uncle Jalapeño break out of jail, as he was imprisoned by Sheriff Zapata because Sheriff Zapata enjoys being evil. In return, Uncle Jalapeño teaches Sackboy the tricks of explosives. Sheriff Zapata then flees towards the mines, so he and Sackboy chase after him in the level The Mines. Eventually they catch up with him in Serpent Shrine, where Sackboy blows Sheriff Zapata up with his own explosives.

Afterwards, Uncle Jalapeño drives Sackboy over to the Metropolis to meet Mags the Mechanic in Lowrider. Mags gives Uncle Jalapeño a cooler new car because she thought that his was ugly.

In The Collector's Lair, you can free Uncle Jalapeño to get his prize bubble. He is freed by explosives lined along his cage.

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Uncle Jalapeño makes a cameo appearance in LittleBigPlanet Karting level Serpent's Shrine and Mine The Gap. He can be seen in a minecart on a mine track in both of these levels.

Run Sackboy! Run!

In The Canyons area of Run Sackboy! Run!, Uncle Jalapeño hovers on the screen in a floating vehicle, holding a progress board to show the player how far they've ran.

The Journey Home

Uncle Jalapeño cameos in a picture with Frida, Don Lu, and their baby in Bone-a-Fide Ride. He does not appear anywhere else, nor is invited to Sackboy's party.



Uncle Jalapeño has a squeaky voice and has bones for arms. His head is a skull with quetzal feathers on the back of his head, and has a mustache as well.


Uncle Jalapeño is named after the Mexican pepper, jalapeño.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Tío Jalapeño Same as in English
Swedish Farbror Jalapeño Same as in English
Russian Дядя Халапено Same as in English



  • He was originally named "Sol" also known as The Great Alchemist.
  • Uncle Jalapeño does not have a mustache at some points in LittleBigPlanet, namely whenever he is in his car.