To the Center of the Mirth! is the third to last cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 3, located in Ziggurat.


Papal Mache: Well done, silent friend! I knew you could do it!

The Titans... they promise quick road.

But like angry chicken they cannot be controlled.

They play the Newton like a puppet.

Titans, that is. Not chicken.

You must find and defeat third Titan before time runs out for all of us.

Take lift to Bunkum Lagoon and awake Swoop.

Only together can you stop the Newton.

Before he makes bad decision, Like...

I don't know... big fortress shaped like face. Or something...

With Heart under the Newton's control,

all creativity in Bunkum trapped like hamster in ball...

Good luck!

Oh blast my mind open!

I forgot most important thing...

Buy me funny souvenir hat

if you have the time!!!

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