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Tie Skipping is a minigame located in the Gardens.


In this level you drop down in front of the king (presumably King Henry VIII) standing on a curved platform. King Henry has a tie which has a round block on the end. As you land on the platform the tie begins to rotate slowly, sweeping the block along the curved platform. You will need to jump over the round block or be pushed off the platform which will kill your Sackperson and end the level. Each time you Jump, an emitter will drop a score bubble. The tie will increase in speed which increases the difficulty in timing your jumps. Once you miss a jump and get pushed off to your death, you will respawn above the scoring platform which will tally your final score. This level does not end until you die, so it is impossible to get the Ace awards in normal way. However you can Ace this level using method shown in this video. The music is Skipping Syrtaki.




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