The picture for the Wilderness Interactive

The Wilderness Interactive Music is the Interactive music for The Wilderness, serving as the background music for The Frozen Tundra, where it can be obtained, Spline Rider and The Bunker as well as the end of Great Magician's Palace. After Newton's Theme, it is possibly the most variable theme in the whole series: while its most basic form is quite peaceful, with all of its melodies active it sounds very dramatic and intimidating.


  1. Bass (Bass Guitar and Double Bass)
  2. Drums (Drum Kit, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Bells)
  3. Accompaniment A (Celeste and Harp)
  4. Accompaniment B (Synth)
  5. Orchestra (Choir, Strings and Trumpets)
  6. Melody (Dulcimer and Balalaika)



Little Big Planet Music - The Wilderness

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