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A screenshot of this level.

The Wedding Reception is a level created by Frida the Bride for, not surprisingly, the purpose of her and Don Lu's Wedding Reception. The Butler greets you to the level, saying that Don Lu has gone missing, and you must go see Frida at once. It has a more "complex" feel than the previous levels. Pretty decorations litter the level to give it a happy, colourful feel. But there is also a strange scary, gothic feel too. Frida worked hard to create the level before Sackboy arrived, as it would appear. Traversing this level is rather easy, with the only difficult part being crossing the spring boards near the end. Tap X at specified points to conquer these bouncing boards.

Difficult Prizes

  • At the colorful, stained glass skull, there are some prizes which, at first, can be quite difficult to get to. Grab the bungee ball in the middle and try to hit the red button below the jaw of the skull. Some are also in the trampoline areas. Hint: Every time you're about to hit the trampoline, JUMP!! Keep doing that and you'll bounce higher. Pressing X a million times doesn't work. You have to time it.

Sticker Triggers

  • The first sticker (A skeleton hat) trigger is straight forward. On the higher path past the first trampoline.
  • The second sticker (An eye) is on the skeleton groom right after the colorful skull.

Hidden Prizes

  • Under the balloons are some hidden items. Entrance is from the right where the bungee balls are.
  • Under the checkpoint after the seven hanging skulls are five items.
  • On the hat of the big skeleton with the rocking head near the end are two items and a key
  • If you grab on the the ballons after you release them, you will get some Prize Bubbles



  • If the player jumps high enough on the very first spring board, they will see a large piece of Dark Matter in the upper right corner, holding up some scenery.
  • If timed correctly, the multiplayer challenge can be beaten with one player. However, this can prove very difficult.

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