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The Terrible Oni's Volcano is a level in the LittleBigPlanet Story mode. It is the final level of The Islands, created by the Grandmaster Sensei. You have to borrow the Sensei's Flying Machine in order to infiltrate The Terrible Oni's defences, and defeat him. Two players are needed to beat a challenge later on.


For a majority of the start of the level, you have to guide the Sensei's Flying Machine up through the side of the volcano. On the way are various floating Prize Bubbles. Using the Grab Switches on the left and right, you must steer the machine into these bubbles and along the path; using the Grab Switch above to launch upwards. There are various drop-off points, where you must land to lower the drawbridges to carry on. The first of these is like a small trap-filled dojo; you must work your way round without being killed by the ninjas or ceiling spikes. At the end is a launch pad that shoots you through some spikes up to the switch; pull it and the drawbridge opens. Fly through the new gap up to the next drawbridge. When you fly to the next one, you'll find it's laid out exactly the same as the first, but this time its a little more perilous. There's also a sticker switch hidden to the left on the upper floor. Lower the second bridge and make your way up the fiery volcano's side, and then lower yourself into the opening. Carefully float down, because not only are there Prize Bubles scattered about, but various burning rocks. When you land, you have the choice of two directions. Left is the two-player game (explained later), and right is the continuation of the level. Carry on right, dodging the rotating stones with the fiery bits, and hop your way through this treacherous challenge. When you get to higher ground, there's another sticker switch to the left. Carry on and you'll reach The Terrible Oni himself. Wait on the wobbly platforms for him to spit fire, then, jump on the ledges above towards the switch. Beware of his dagger, for it kills on impact! Tug the switch to make the Sensei's cat move slowly towards Oni. Before he attacks, quickly hop back down before you get fried, but not too early as to make little progress with the lever. Repeat the process, but be aware that the Oni's flaming attack can actually push the lever backwards, reducing some of your progress. When the cat gets close enough, the Magnetic Key takes effect and Oni explodes, allowing access through the tunnel to the Scoreboard.