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This is the second Metropolis level.

As you venture through the sewers, you will quickly realise that you cannot get all of the prizes in one go.

The three main obstacles are:

Lifts, which take you past poison gas vents as well as prize bubbles Subway Carriages, where you must jump obstacles and electric wires Cardboard Fans - CAUTION some are motorised and some are not - you will need to identify the motorised ones in order to deal with them differently.

Completion of this level will give you access to the final Metropolis level The Construction Site

Keys - The Key on this level is in the top right-hand corner of the cardboard fan maze-race. It is tough to get on your first run through, and might be best left until the second or third pass. The key will unlock the minigame Elevation. The Collector is in this level, and he tries to kidnap Ze Dude.

In the level's description, "Mind the gap" is possibly a reference to a Neil Gaiman's book, 'Neverwhere'.



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