The Most Sense You'll Hear All Day is the last cutscene of Eve's Asylum in LittleBigPlanet 2.


Eve Silva Paragorica: Well done little Sackboy. Dr. Higginbotham, how are you feeling?

Dr. Herbert Higginbotham: I have been on a journey through layers upon layers... of mindflowers.

I was wrestling then I'm tumbling and everyone's smiling at me, except they didn't have faces so they weren't really smiling but I marvelled at the pleasant upholstery.

These were all these geometries, fractal star worms, competing for my affections and they were amazed when my eyes were pies, spinning and cooking and dancing figures of eight.

Huge Spaceship is not a spaceship, it's a broken throught on a petal wing.


LBP2 Story 5-Outro - The Most Sense You'll Hear All Day

LBP2 Story 5-Outro - The Most Sense You'll Hear All Day

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