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The Mines is the second level of The Canyons. It is Desert-Themed like the rest of the Canyons. You have to make your way through the mines to chase down Sheriff Zapata, who has previously imprisoned Uncle Jalapeno.


At the beginning, there are some Aztec Spikeys. This level also contains lots of rollers and Mine Carts. In the early part of the level the only hard thing is navigating the carts.

Mine Carts

Several times throughout the level you will encounter mine carts. One time, the mine cart that you are in will fall down into a pit of fire, and you have to jump and grab onto a sponge and hop into a new mine cart. If you time it correctly, then it should be easy.

Rolling Boulder

Before the end of the level, you are chased by a giant fireball. All you have to do is run fast and jump over fire obstacles. The fire pits get smaller nearing the end and variate between big pit and small pit. Do not overshoot the small pits, or you may get singed by the next small one and burned by the next big one. After this, you will reach the Scoreboard. After going down from the boulder ledge, go left from Jalapeno and there is a small hole in the wall with a Green Gecko sticker that is used in the Serpent Shrine.


Later, this level becomes very difficult. When you reach The spinning wheels, this level is almost completely impossible. Surprisingly it is actually very easy, all you have to do is grab onto the spinners using R1, and see where the next spinner is. The easiest thing to do is to jump on top and only grab on to regain balance. On the last green spinner when you first encounter them, do NOT grab it. Just remember to also not fall without knowing what's below. That's pretty much it. Nearing the end there are also two Rusted Metal spinners. You can't grab these, but you can skip the left one as it only has score bubbles. Just fall past it onto the red spinner. Do not grab it to long, but just long enough for the prize bubble and level key. Fall down after grabbing those (if you ungrab too late, the fire may still push you down) and land hastily on another metal spinner. Careful jumping off because there are Aztec Spikeys there, but there is a small safe spot. Kill the spikeys, all three of them, and continue to the boulder.

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