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The MegaBrain is a character from Jackpot City in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. It is the boss of the area and the third boss in the game.



The MegaBrain while controlled by The Hollows.

The MegaBrain is an 8-bit face on a computer screen. It can also appear on other objects, such as the spider-like machine from A Capacitor For Evil. When it is in its normal state, its face is blue. However, when The Hollows take control of it, its face changes color to pink.


While the Hollows are controlling it, the MegaBrain's only goal is to cause mayhem in Jackpot City. After it is rebooted by Sackboy, it is much friendlier, saying that it is happy just being an all-powerful MegaBrain. However, it still doesn't get on with Sean Brawn and mocks him. Sean tries to mock back but fails to think of anything.


LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

The MegaBrain lives in Jackpot City. Sean Brawn and Sackboy seek it out to see if it knows anything about The Puppeteer's plot, but find out that The Hollows have taken control of it. Sackboy fights it and wins, rebooting it. Once it is rebooted, it is grateful to him. It is not as friendly to Sean and mocks him for always being late. It then shows them crates that will take them to the Hollows' lair. Showing its gratitude, it gives Sackboy a safe one but gets revenge on Sean by putting him in a "special" crate, marked with a skull, which sends Sean to Spooky Mansion.


  • The MegaBrain is the only character in the game to not have a voice actor, but instead, communicates with speech bubbles and gibberish.
  • While the MegaBrain is being controlled by the Hollows, its face turns pink, similar to how when Newton was possessed, his face turned purple.
  • The Megabrain's sound effects are distorted versions of the Puppeteer robot and it was also used for the machine that turn Sackpeople into Hollows.