The Legend of Bunkum is the first to last cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 3, located in Prologue.


Newton:Crumbs! It worked! You're here! Sorry for the rough ride old champ; my name's Newton!

Welcome to Bunkum, chummy chum chum; where the sky is strewn with circling cloud of imagination...

...all ceaselessy pumped into Bunkum's atmosphere by the pounding Creative Heart at its core,

a magnificent moon of wonder!

But I'm afraid Bunkum's destiny lies in our hands; let me explain...

Long ago, before the Negativitron nearly laid waste to Craftworld, there gluttonous gargoyles

gorged on Bunkum's bountiful creativity.

Inspiration dried up.

We teetered on the brink of the abyss!

And then... there Heroes came!

With their speed!

With their power...

With their grace!

... They finally managed to capture the Titans

With Bunkum restored to the creative paradise you see around you, the Heroes retired to the pages of myth.

A myth that also foretells

of the return of the Titans.


Just before bedtime, all of Bunkum's nightmares become real!

And that's where I...

I mean WE come in!

Join me, my noble assistant! Bunkum's very future depens on we two brave


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