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The Kingdom of Crablantis is the third world in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Its an underwater world run by the crustaceous monarch, King Bogoff.


Sackboy arrives in Crablantis and is greeted by King Bogoff, the kingdom's ruler who is as greedy as he is fearful of Vex. He gifts Sackboy the Clawstring (which he calls a Swingamajig). Throughout Sackboy's adventure in this world Bogoff generally uses him as a means to an end.

In Ferried Treasure Bogoff uses Sackboy to gather shiny objects on a submarine expedition but their ship is attacked by Big Moe, a legendary and merciless beast of the deep.

During Thar She Blows Up Sackboy meets and faces off with another Vex abomination, the mechanical Ruffled Ruffian.

In Light At The Museum Sackboy sets off the alarms in Bogoff's museum when collecting a Dreamer Orb.

Eventually Sackboy reaches The Deep End and meets up with Vex again, who is in the middle of stealing the oceans tides. Vex offers a deal to Sackboy to join him on his quest to takeover Craftworld. Sackboy naturally turns him down and the two fight for the second time. After which Scarlet reappears as usual to guide Sackboy to his next location, The Interstellar Junction.


The Kingdom of Crablantis is an underwater world. Its name suggests it is based on Atlantis, an ancient, sunken, Greek civilisation. Its colourful palette evokes similarities to lush coral reefs. The real life objects found within this world, such as antiques, marketstalls and red phone boxes indicate the levels are built in and around an English (possibly London) antique market. The crafted world is split up into 3 distinct sub-themes.

Coral Countryside

A pink coral reef where a lot of peasant crab-folk live in seaweed covered houses. In Choral Reef, there is a huge party going on in this location.

Ocean Trench

A darker location, that's lush with bioluminescent flora and fauna. This trench is clearly much deeper into the ocean than the other two zones. In Ferried Treasure, Bogoff and Sackboy go salvaging in these dark depths.

King Bogoff's Castle

An ultra-extravagant palace when Bogoff resides and shows off his best treasures. He also has a rather full dungeon, which can be seen in multiple levels, mainly Squid Goals.


From Prize Bubbles

  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Jellyfish
  • Octopus
  • Rock Monster
  • Sunken Pirate

From ZomZom's Shop

  • Aquatic
  • Deep Sea Diver
  • Viking


Main Levels

  • Sink Or Swing
  • Ferried Treasure
  • High And Glows
  • Bubble Jeopardy
  • Thar She Blows Up
  • Choral Reef
  • Light At The Museum
  • Eelectro Swing

Boss Level

  • The Deep End

Side Levels

  • Pull Yourselves Together - Multiplayer Level
  • Squid Goals - Multiplayer Level
  • Seesaws On The Sea Floor - Accessed via cannon from The Soaring Summit.
  • The Graveyard Shift- Accessed via cannon from The Soaring Summit.
  • Sea Trench Escape - Remixed Race Level based on Bubble Jeopardy.