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You must love jumping just as much as I like animal-shaped cheese crackers!
— The King on OddSock's second visit.

The King is one of the Creator Curators who rule, rebuild and maintain the world of LittleBigPlanet.

He is, unsurprisingly married to The Queen and his domain is The Gardens, where the first series of levels in Story Mode take place. In these levels he tells the player different ways to play the level and helps them along their path.

The King has two different sound files which are King (Informative) and King (Jolly). These sound files are available through the item called the Magic Mouth.



The King is the first character encountered in The Gardens, the first theme of the game. Here he welcomes Sackboy and sends him on his way.

In The Collector's Lair, the King is freed from one of The Collector's holding cells by the player. Along with his wife they carry the player on their wooden steeds, helping them collect rescued story characters from prize bubbles along the way. It is here that the player also collects The King in a prize bubble for use in their own levels.

LittleBigPlanet 2

The King can be found at Eve's Asylum along with other characters from the first LittleBigPlanet game. Although showing no signs of a physical infestation of Meanies, like Dr. Herbert Higginbotham, it is possible he was there to cure him of the Meanie Virus.

LittleBigPlanet Karting

The King appears in the opening cinematic where he is being Taken by The Hoard, but appeared in the tracks in the Gardens. The Queen mentions that ever since The King was released from Eve's Asylum, he wanders around sometimes. he was shown in Hoard Sweet Hoard. The King can also be obtained as a picture frame and an object.

LittleBigPlanet 3

The King can be seen in Swoop's portion of The Great Escape in Bunkum Lagoon. This time, he is shown to be mechanical, as if Newton tried to recreate him. This version wears Newton's bowler hat instead of a crown and wears purple clothing along with the eyes being screws. He appears to jump around, sometimes making mechanical, broken versions of his voice. This version of his voice can be used as a sound effect in Create Mode.

The Journey Home

The King reappears in to guide OddSock and gives them the Springinator, and also destroys the ghost mini-boss for them.

He is later seen at the party fully welcoming the Heroes back on Craftworld . he also appears on one of the party pictures where he looks disoriented while Sackboy and a small Toggle happily standing on his shoulders.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El Rey Same as in English
Swedish Kungen Same as in English
Polish Król Same as in English
Russian Король Same as in English
Finnish Kuningas Same as in English

Magic Mouth Voices





  • Hello and welcome to my gardens - all my own creation (with a little help from my wife, The Queen). A big adventure awaits you - so good luck!
  • Well done! To finish the level, all sackpersons need to stand in front of this scoreboard. Lets see how well you did...
  • Time to get a grip! You can grab some materials using the R1 button. Try scaling these walls and you'll get the idea.
  • Great! You're really getting to grips with the basics! All players stand in front of the scoreboard. Let's see how well you did!
  • The easy stuff is now over. Beyond these tranquil hills lies a scary castle! Grab that bird over there to get going!
  • I'm the first of the creator curators. You'll meet 7 more on your quest! Set a quest for The Savannah, to meet the next creator - Zola!
  • All the LittleBigPlanet Community can be your friends! Get out there and be part of it!

LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home

  • Hello there, my four-legged friend! Good to meet you!
  • I'm The King of the Gardens, Hah!
  • If you're on the way to the party, we have just the thing to get you there...
  • ...The Springinator!
  • To bounce up high, just hold down the GRAB button during a jump.
  • Try it out! Just collect these prizes.
  • Well done! You're bouncing like a badger!
  • They bounce, right?
  • You'll need a companion if you want this key!
  • Fabulous job! The party is just around the corner.
  • Be sure to stamp the invitation, my friend! Ho ho ho!
  • Back in the day, we had to lick those! Ho ho!
  • You're a stamp champion! ...a stampion! Ho ho ho!
  • Ho ho ho! Yes! Fly away, little envelope!
  • Hah! Fly! Oh...
  • Oh, now I'm sad it's gone.
  • Greetings, my friends! Slam the panels with the ACTION button!
  • Use the GRAB button to fire a bubble and scatter objects with its powerful pop!
  • The slight of that envelope fluttering away is the loveliest thing I've ever seen!
  • Don't tell the Queen! Ho ho ho!
  • Welcome! Welcome to Craftworld!


  • Though not present in any physical form, The King's gibberish voice can be found in the PSP and the PS Vita games, located in the game's Magic Mouth tweak menu.
  • A puppet of him appears in the Seaside Surprise Level Kit near the beginning, happily hitting a puppet of The Collector on the head.
  • Along with The Queen, he is the only character in LittleBigPlanet whose Magic Mouth sound file is explicitly identified with them.
  • The King object obtained from The Collector's Lair is different to how he appears in story mode; his head-rocking mechanism is simplified, and his mouth is not red.
  • He appears to love animal-shaped cheese crackers as he mentions in The Journey Home.
  • To get his costume, the player needs to send all six invitations to the party.
  • The king has appeared in every main line game in some way.
  • In early pre-order trailers for LittleBigPlanet, specifically in "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" and "King's Garden", the King is seen with an early design and that design alone looks more reminiscent to the unused pirate character in English Seaside.
  • Throughout the entirety of LBP1 and his cameo in LBP2, he mainly uses the Jolly sound clip all the time.
  • According to some unused dialogue for the English Seaside, both The King and The Pirate were originally going to be siblings, as the pirate refers to the king as his cousin.
  • There's also a early version of the finalized King icon for the Gardens and it appeared in the build from June 2008. this early version of the photograph fortunately gets reused in the final game, as it serves as the icon for the achievement when completing The Gardens for the first time.
  • There is unused dialogue in LBP3 that references the gibberish speaking of The King's appearance in the first game. Initially, he spoke in the usual gibberish, before correcting himself, with one line mentioning how he had a lemon drop caught in his throat for years.
  • The King appears in Dreams in a level created by Media Molecule to celebrate LBP's 10th Anniversary.
  • The King, along side Dumpty originally supposed to appear in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale as part of the Dreamscape stage, however the two were removed as the stage evolved into what we have now.


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