The Infection is a disease that maddened Dr. Herbert Higginbotham during his time in Eve's Asylum. It serves as the Boss Battle in Eve's Asylum in the level Invasion of the Body Invaders. It appears pinkish in colour, like any other meanie, and a circular shape. Before and during the battle, The Infection will go to the center of the arena and be surrounded by pink goop, which has no real effect other than increasing its size, as the goop does not slow down or stop the player's shots. It will hit the outer walls of the arena in hope of making you lose life, and will chase you every once in a while As damage is given to it, it will split apart into two new, smaller viruses, and will repeat until there are four that need to be killed. Once the last four are killed, The Infection is exterminated and the player will proceed to end the level.


  • The Infection surrounded with pink goop.
  • the effects of the infection.
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