The Hoard are mysterious being from a far away world. They were only introduced in LittleBigPlanet Karting.

They are otherworldly scavengers that travel to Craftworld and begin to hoard all of the world's most valuable items and treasures. Their only motivation is to simply procure them all.


The Hoard are a race of interstellar scavengers, stealing valuables from other planets and sending it through the Funkhole to their homeworld. When they arrive on Craftworld, Sackboy follows them across the planet, stopping their thieving before they retreat back through the Funkhole and to their own planet. When Sackboy arrives, he joins with the Hoard to combat the Trash Monster, a being created by the Hoard's powerful greed. Though the monster is destroyed, its destruction takes the Hoard homeworld with it. The explosion sends everyone through the Funkhole and back to Craftworld with the reformed Hoard being accepted as citizens.


The Hoard members look like Sackpeople but in different colors and have lumps on their heads. They have different genders, and they also have the zipper as a mouth and not on the belly as sackpeople have. The majority of the hoard have blue and yellow skin, but some of them have brown and dark gray skin, these special hoard also drive a different vehicles than the other hoard. The brown and dark-gray hoard may be members of the Hoard royal family because they all have names such as "Duke of Hoard", "Rex Hoard" and "Prince Hoard".


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