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LittleBigPlanet is in danger! The Collector is stealing all our creations and not sharing them with the world! Go to The Collector's Wilderness and find them.
— The Great Magician, in Great Magician's Palace

The Great Magician is the Creator Curator of The Temples, and the master of the Emitters.



At the beginning of the Great Magician's Palace, he challenges Sackboy to go through his palace of emitters, to face Sackboy's greatest challenge; The Wilderness. Later in the level, he performs the "magic box trick", which is basically a box that reveals different shapes that are on fire, except for a cyan square. At the end, he uses his magic to teleport you to The Wilderness in order to stop The Collector.

You eventually free him from in The Collector's Lair.

Prize bubbles 

The Great Magician's Box Trick 

You unlock The Great Magician's Box Trick in the end of Great Magicians Palace where you meet him, pull the green sponge like square out of his box when it appears and use it to jump up on top of his head where you get his prize bubble.

The Great Magician

You unlock The Great Magician by freeing him in the The Collector's Lair, and beat the level.



The Great Magician is a blue man, with a small goatee, along with a green turban, a yellow-and-orange sort of cape, and tiger patterned pants.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El Gran Mago Same as in English
Russian Великий Маг Same as in English


  • It is not known why Sackboy had to open his cage in The Collector's Lair, since he teleports out of it when he opens it.
  • He appears in the LittleBigPlanet 3 Challenge: 'Now You See Me...'