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Template:Infobox After Gathering Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop; Sackboy and the other go to confront Newton. However he distracts Sackboy, stating how he was trying to be the Imagisphere's Ultimate Curator and says on how his actions were wrong. Sackboy is then trapped into a chamber as Newton then says that he was always better than Sackboy and all of Bunkum. Having Sackboy hostage, he tells the others to back off and not to interfere with his plans or Sackboy will be vaporized. Although he said there was no way to invade the laboratory; however being the curator he is; as soon he states this the doors fall down and so Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop, all confused, they go inside the lair to rescue Sackboy from Newton, each using their abilities for the corresponding level segments.

End-Level Prizes

Level Completion Prizes

Collected All Gifts Prizes

  • Safety Spectacles
  • Monitors & Control Panel

Ace Level Gifts

  • Mechanical Blueprints
  • Shatter Glass



  • This is the only level in LBP3, and the only level in LBP as a whole, that doesn't have the player play as Sackboy.
  • The video scene following this level is the only time in LBP2 and 3 that the template floor was deliberately shown in Story Mode. This is seen when Newton confronts his evil self and brings light inside his imagination, revealing the floor to be the Blank Template floor.
  • This level features a series of cameos from LBP1 and 2, all in the form of broken robotic copies of the original character.
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