The Goddess is a deity at The Temples who appears in LittleBigPlanet.



She is first mentioned by The Shopkeeper, who, when seeing Sackboy's lost, directs him to the Goddess who will guide his path, telling him to find her within the Dancer's Court.

The Goddess is found where she resides, at the end of the Dancer's Court, where she floats beneath a psychedelic vortex of light. As Sackboy consults her, she tells them that they must make acquaintance with the Great Magician, who needs Sackboy's help to restore sharing in the LittleBigPlanet community. She opens the entrance to the Elephant's Temple, which is necessary to pass through into the Great Magician's palace.

Meanwhile, she is kidnapped by The Collector, where she's put inside a cage, alongside several other residents of Craftworld, and is freed by Sackboy as he passes through The Collector's lair.



The Goddess' Full Body

The Goddess is a massive humanoid with blue skin. She sports three pairs of arms and a huge round face, adorned by big earrings, and a tiara with a jewel, that surrounds her short, yet straight, teal hair. She has an ever-smiling big mouth, and her torso is decorated with several tassels, and a huge sun around her navel, with tassels flowing from that cover her crotch. She also has a long neck that's adorned by two gigantic golden chokers.


  • Like most of the elements in The Temples, she's heavily inspired by Hindu beliefs and deities.
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