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There are spoilers for the LittleBigPlanet series underneath this header. Read at your own risk.

The Gardens

The image used for The Gardens world icon.

The Gardens is based in Western Europe, specifically England.
Story & Theme
The Gardens is the first area in LittleBigPlanet that Sackboy travels to. It is located in Craftworld. Based mainly on medieval England, the background of The Gardens is an English garden. The Gardens is the first theme in the series and acts as a tutorial for basic gameplay controls.
Creator Curator: The King
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Collectables - Number of Items:


  • Big Green Bird
  • Bingo
  • Birdhouse (The Journey Home)
  • Black Crown Outline
  • Blue Daisy (The Journey Home)
  • Blue Knight
  • Blue Monkey
  • Blue Postcards
  • Blue Snail (The Journey Home)
  • Brick Wall Sketch
  • Brown Line (The Journey Home)
  • Castle Sketch Window
  • Chalk Scribble (The Journey Home)
  • Chips Logo
  • Cotton Wheel
  • Crazy Sign
  • Daffodil (The Journey Home)
  • Dandelion Head (The Journey Home)
  • Dandelion Seed (The Journey Home)
  • Dandelion Stem (The Journey Home)
  • Doodle Brick (The Journey Home)
  • Doodle Bricks 1 (The Journey Home)
  • Doodle Bricks 2 (The Journey Home)
  • English Rose
  • Fancy Swirls
  • Golf Club Bottom
  • Golf Logo
  • Grass Rough Doodle
  • Grass Scribble (The Journey Home)
  • Green Castle Banner
  • Green Castle Flag
  • Green Doodle
  • Green Finish
  • Green Start
  • Green Submarine
  • Hedgehog (The Journey Home)
  • Henry Face
  • Heraldic Cross (The Journey Home)
  • King Stamp
  • King of Hearts
  • Kings Head
  • Leaf Doodle
  • Moody Cloud
  • More Bricks (LBPK Only)
  • Neon Kebabs
  • Noughts & Crosses
  • Orange Flowers
  • Painted Arrow (The Journey Home)
  • Painted Target (The Journey Home)
  • Pink Arrow - Curved
  • Pixel Fish Blue
  • Queen's Body (LBPK Only)
  • Red Cross (The Journey Home)
  • Red Flowers
  • Red Lion Emblem
  • Red Mushroom
  • ROFL
  • Robin (The Journey Home)
  • Round Blue Body
  • Scary Ghost
  • Sketch Bricks
  • Start Text
  • Sun Doodle
  • Tea Pot
  • The King (LBPK Only)
  • Theatre Curtains (LBPK Only)
  • Thick Sketch Bricks
  • Tudor House
  • Tudor Tower
  • Tudor View
  • Victorian Man Sketch
  • Vince Meat Pie
  • Wheel of Fun
  • Wooden Steed
  • Yellow Crest
  • Yellow Danke


  • Big Flower (LBPK Only)
  • Bluebells (The Journey Home)
  • Cardboard Castle (LBPK Only)
  • Cardboard Castle Entrance (The Journey Home)
  • Cardboard Castle Turrets (The Journey Home)
  • Cloth Leaf
  • Coloured Shades (The Journey Home)
  • Coloured Feather (The Journey Home)
  • Daffodil (The Journey Home)
  • Donkey Tail
  • Fabric Bush (LBPK Only)
  • Flag (LBPK Only)
  • Garden Lamp (The Journey Home)
  • Grass Tuft (The Journey Home)
  • Laurel Branch (The Journey Home)
  • Leaf
  • Mushroom Tree (LBPK Only)
  • Mushroom Tree (The Journey Home)
  • Orange Flower
  • Party Balloons (The Journey Home)
  • Pink Flower
  • Pink Rose (The Journey Home)
  • Pink Spingy Star
  • Polystyrene Clouds (The Journey Home)
  • Purple Flower
  • Silver Fork (LBPK Only)
  • Snail Shell (LBPK Only)
  • Swirl Cloud (LBPK Only)
  • Tudor House Cutout (The Journey Home)
  • Tudor View Cutout (The Journey Home)
  • White Wooden Cog (The Journey Home)
  • Windmill Cutout (The Journey Home)
  • Wooden Mushroom (LBPK Only)


  • Big Flat Tree (LBPK Only)/Oak Tree
  • Big Flower (LBPK Only)
  • Big Garden Gnome (LBPK Only)
  • Big Garden Light (LBPK Only)
  • Big Garden Picket Fence (LBPK Only)
  • Birdy on String/Hanging Bird (LBPK Only)
  • Blue Moon (The Journey Home)
  • Blue Moon
  • Blue Star Light/Star Light Blue (LBPK Only)
  • Bubble Wrap Box (LBPK Only)
  • Bush Fabric Fence (LBPK Only)
  • Castle (LBPK Only)/Cardboard Castle
  • Cardboard Castle/Castle (LBPK Only)
  • Cow (LBPK Only)
  • Crowd Cheering (LBPK Only)/Cheering Crowd
  • Cheering Crowd/Crowd Cheering (LBPK Only)
  • Chunky Arrow (The Journey Home)
  • Curly Cloud
  • Donkey (LBPK Only)/Large Wooden Steed
  • Dumpty/Humpty Dumpty (LBPK Only)
  • Fabric Bush 1 (LBPK Only)
  • Fabric Bush 2 (LBPK Only)
  • Fabric Bush 3 (LBPK Only)
  • Fabric Floral Fence (LBPK Only)
  • Fancy Cloud
  • Garden Rock 1 (LBPK Only)
  • Garden Rock 2 (LBPK Only)
  • Garden Rock 3 (LBPK Only)
  • Garden Street Light (LBPK Only)
  • Ghost on String/Ghost Trap (LBPK Only)
  • Ghost Trap (LBPK Only)/Ghost on String
  • Gold Tea Cup
  • Green Star Light/Star Light Green (LBPK Only)
  • Hanging Bird (LBPK Only)/Birdy on String
  • Humpty Dumpty (LBPK Only)/Dumpty
  • King (LBPK Only)/The King
  • Hovel
  • Large Flag
  • Large Wooden Steed/Donkey (LBPK Only)
  • Loose Cloud
  • Medium Snail Shell (The Journey Home)
  • Medieval House 1 (LBPK Only)
  • Medieval House 2 (LBPK Only)
  • Medieval House 3 (LBPK Only)
  • Medieval Overpass (LBPK Only)
  • Medieval Townhouse (LBPK Only)/Smart Hovel
  • Mushroom Block/Wooden Mushroom (LBPK Only)
  • Mushroom Tree
  • Oak Tree/Big Flat Tree (LBPK Only)
  • Pinwheel
  • Queen (LBPK Only)/The Queen
  • Red Star Light/Star Light Red (LBPK Only)
  • Rocking Grass
  • Round Cloud
  • Seesaw
  • Shovel (LBPK Only)
  • Silver Fork
  • Silver Knife
  • Skateboard
  • Small Flag
  • Small Snail Shell (The Journey Home)
  • Small Wooden Steed
  • Smart Hovel/Medieval Townhouse (LBPK Only)
  • Snail Shell
  • Soccer Ball
  • Star Light Blue (LBPK Only)/Blue Star Light
  • Star Light Green (LBPK Only)/Green Star Light
  • Star Light Red (LBPK Only)/Red Star Light
  • Tall Tree
  • The King/King (LBPK Only)
  • The Queen/Queen (LBPK Only)
  • Tower
  • Twisty Cloud
  • Water Wheel
  • Watering Can (The Journey Home)
  • Windmill
  • Wobbly Tree
  • Wood Garden Fence (LBPK Only)
  • Wooden Fence (LBPK Only)
  • Wooden Fence with Arrows (LBPK Only)
  • Wooden Mushroom (LBPK Only)/Mushroom Block
  • Xim (LBPK Only)


  • Beige Cotton (Sponge)
  • Dark Brown Wood (Wood)
  • Dark Green Wood (Wood)
  • Doodled Bricks (Cardboard) (The Journey Home)
  • Garden Blue Fabric (Sponge) (LBPK Only)
  • Garden Dirt (Wood) (LBPK Only)
  • Grass (Sponge)/Grass-Top Fence (Sponge) (LBPK Only)
  • Grass-Top Fence (Sponge) (LBPK Only)/Grass (Sponge)
  • Green Check Denim (Sponge)
  • Green Floral Fabric (Sponge)
  • Gray Tweed (Sponge)
  • Hessian Fabric (Sponge)
  • Light Brown Wood (Wood)
  • Oak Tree (Wood)
  • Orange Floral Fabric (Sponge)
  • Pink Floral Fabric (Sponge)
  • Wooden Struts (Wood)


Elizabethan costume

  • Head: Elizabethan Hat
  • Mustache: Fancy Mustache
  • Neck: White Ruff
  • Legs: Elizabethan Trousers
  • Torso: Elizabethan Doublet

Elizabethan Dame

  • Head: Bonnet
  • Torso: Elizabethan Dress
  • Eyes: Long Lashed Eyes



  • Blank Background (LBP1)
  • The Gardens
  • The Gardens (LBPK)
  • The Gardens (Journey Home)




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