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The Garage at the End of the Craftverse is the final level of LittleBigPlanet Karting and its the only level on Hoard Sweet Hoard.

About This Levels




This Level begins with a Cutscene, with Sackboy, The Hoard, and other stuff falling out of the Funkhole, and on a Trash-like Planet, which is the Hoard’s thievery, The Hoard cheer there home, but a rumbling erupts them, this was Cause by The Trash Monster, who appears out of its Round Thrown, Both Sackboy and The Hoard are shocked and scared on what has happen; while the Hoards flee from the area into a big can to hide in; Sackboy is left to confront it, The Trash Monster's Minion appeared right behind it.

The First Half (Arena Fight)

In this Fight, you have fight 10 of the Trash Monster's Minions by using the Weaponator, Before they do.

The Second Half (The Trash Monster)

After fighting the 10 of the Trash Minions, the Trash Monster will come out of its Round Thrown, turning on its searchlights, expanding its three thrusters and turning the Randomize Weaponators in the arena into the ones with "Lob Bombs", Sackboy had to avoid its Searchlights before it shoot missiles at him, once Sackboy destroy one of the Thrusters, The Trash Monster will Fall on the Ground, Causing its Parts to fall off, the place will go dark, and bombs will come out of the Trash Monster trying to Blow up Sackboy, after Avoiding it will restart, and after destroying all three Thrusters, The Trash Monster will Fall to the Ground for Good.

The End

After The Trash Monster's Defeat, a Cutscene after that shows One of The Hoard came out of Can, and had a change of heart from Sackboys action and decided to change their ways and share with others and they both celebrate; this moment of relief was short as the monster was about to explode and Sackboy and Hoard flee from the area and the entire planet of the Hoard is destroyed upon it explosion, and all the creativity and Stuff that the Hoard goes on a one trip tour back to Craftworld, and Sackboy is dropped back at the Gardens including his Kart, Thus beaten LittleBigPlanet Karting!


Sackboy and The Hoard are being transported out of the Funkhole and to the Garage at the End of the Craftverse.

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