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The Director is a Creator Curator in LittleBigPlanet PSP. He appears in Tinsel Town, where he has Sackboy star in several movies, including a spy, an alien invasion and haunted house movie. He later appears in The Carnival with his movie-themed float, and gives Sackboy a trophy for becoming his "sack-superstar".



The Director resembles a short elderly human, with white hair and a triangular beard.


The Director is not particularly devoted to his craft, making poorly-made and rushed films, to the extent that he'll film several films within the span of a single day. He is very kind to Sackboy, and is proud of him when the film is released.


The Director's real name is Ed Wooden, evidenced by when he introduces himself at the beginning of "Tinsel Town". His name is a spoof of "Ed Wood", a film director who has gained a cult following posthumously, due to his production of B Grade films.


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