The Dancer's Court is the first level of The Temples in LittleBigPlanet's Story.


Sackthings playing the Temple.

The level begins with you touching down in Grandmaster Sensei's flying cloud. You are greeted by the shopkeeper who has you "buy" a flame throwing cat. In the flame throwing cat section you collect the cat prize bubbles. Next you proceed by bouncing on the shopkeepers head and into the dancers court. The Collector is still at it, so keep an eye out for him.

The level progress having you hop on dancers and moving on platforms. In one portion there is a dancer who can squish you if you are in the center portion of its body. Eventually you will come to a sun platform your goal is, like in the subway, to make it above platforms whilst keeping up with the platform. This time it is much longer to make the platforms, but the only danger is you falling. If you fall behind, never fear, another will arrive shortly.When you make it to the end of that you will begin making a decent to the goddess. eventually you will have to run under a flaming snake, but there are many prize bubbles you can go for. Then you will arrive at the goddess followed by the levels end.


  • Some stickers in this level are not given in prize bubbles. These can only be obtained via hacking or community levels.