The Construction Site is the final level of The Metropolis.
The construction site



In this level, you must defeat Ze Dude, Mags the Mechanic's archenemy.

Sackboy beginning The Construction Site

The Construction Site has a medium difficulty and has many hazards such as Horrible Gas, fire balls, scaffoldings and a deadly basketball. There is a section of a few sticker triggers in the level, as well as a two-player challenge.

Once the player gets to the end of the level, Ze Dude decides to battle the player. The first Bouncer he sends out has one gun, and is pretty easy to defeat. The next one is harder, as he is armed with two guns. One both Bouncers are down, Ze Dude comes in using only one gun. While Ze Dude's gun shoots fireballs out very quick, he is pretty simple to defeat.

Once the player defeats the trio, Ze Dude allows the player to take his private jet to The Islands to meet his master, Grandmaster Sensei.

Two-Player Challenge.

The two player challenge for this level is pretty simple; One player must control a scaffolding with a lever while guiding one player to a black grabbable box, and the player controlling the scaffolding must lead the other back to safety. 


Scaffolding plays a large part in The Construction Site


An Enemy in The Construction Site

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