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For the level, see The Collector (level).

The Collector is a Creator Curator who is the main antagonist in LittleBigPlanet. He is the Creator Curator of a Siberian Tundra, or Soviet warbase-themed world known as The Wilderness. He speaks with the "Evil Pixie" voice and throughout his other appearances he triggers the "Evil Laugh" sound effect with the speed and pitch turned all the way up. He is the final boss and the 8th and last Creator Curator in LittleBigPlanet.



He first appears early in the game disguised as Dumpty in Skate to Victory and peeks in through a window in the haunted castle. He later appears in The Meerkat Kingdom disguised as a Meerkat in the VIP room at the nightclub. However, his most obvious appearance is when he comes to swipe Don Lu's Dog in The Darkness in his pod, which he uses for his captures from that point onwards. He appears once again in Boom Town, where he abducts Frida and Don Lu during their honeymoon. He then appears in Subway, carrying Ze Dude, and then again at the start of Endurance Dojo, carrying away a lot of sushi and a doll. His final appearance before The Wilderness is in The Dancer's Court where he kidnaps one of the dancers.

He kidnaps many characters throughout the game, and eventually has all the other Creator Curators and the majority of the other non-player characters captured and locked in The Collector's Lair. Sack-thing goes to rescue them and frees them all before taking on The Collector in the level of the same name. The Collector tries to defeat Sack-thing with his powerful robotic devices but in the end is cornered. His robotic armor damaged beyond repair. There he openly confesses that he only stole things because he was jealous that he didn't have any friends to share his creations with. The King suggests that the rest of the LittleBigPlanet community can be his friends and he seems to agree, ultimately forgiven for his criminal ways.

LittleBigPlanet 2

The Collector and many other LBP characters appears once again in LittleBigPlanet 2, where he is shown to be holding a balloon in Eve's Asylum. He appears to be hard to identify as a black mask covers his face, but the laugh and shape are an obvious hint.

LittleBigPlanet 3

The Collector reappears twice in the LittleBigPlanet 3 story mode. 

His first appearance is in the Introduction level, where he is shown in the audience behind a tutorial board, while smiling.

His second appearance is in The Great Escape where he is shown on top of a few boxes in OddSock's part. He appears to look similar to the Introduction level, but his face is a Magic Mouth, has a purple glowing eye in place of his left eye, and wears Newton's bowler hat.

The Journey Home

The Collector also makes an appearance in the DLC, as one of the characters you must send a letter to.

He later appears at the party where Larry Da Vinci asked him if he didn't bring any "instruments of destruction" with him. he also appears in one of the party photographs where OddSock watched a small Toggle lift him from his toes.

Seaside Surprise Level Kit

In the Seaside Surprise Level Kit, with The King

He also makes a cameo appearance in the Seaside Surprise Level Kit, as a puppet at the beginning of the level. He is frowning, as a puppet of The King is hitting him on the head.



The Collector is a tiny character fully made out of cardboard material. He has four miniature limbs. His body ceases to lack actual design, with the exception for his face. His face consists of two eyes and a Magic Mouth. Likewise, he also has pitch black gear stickers behind his eyes which possibly might serve as a cosmetic contour, and thick eyebrows.


The Collector is a small, menacing, envious character who was determined to steal the other Creator Curators and their friends and become the ruler of LittleBigPlanet. It can be assumed he used to be a peaceful Curator for such a thing not to have happened before, but his loneliness and envy for the other Curator's creations must have led him to seek dominance over the planet and create dangerous animals and a stronghold.


The Collector was named after what he did as the antagonist in LittleBigPlanet, collect things.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El Coleccionista Same as in English
Swedish Samlaren Same as in English
German Der Sammler Same as in English
Chinese 收藏者 Same as in English
Korean 수집가 Same as in English
Hungarian A gyűjtő Same as in English
Russian Коллекционер Same as in English
French Le collecteur Same as in English
Finnish Kerääjä Same as in English
Portuguese O coletor Same as in English
Polish Kolekcjoner Same as in English
Norwegian Samleren Same as in English
Danish Samleren Same as in English
Dutch De verzamelaar Same as in English
Italian Il collezionista Same as in English
Czech Sběratel Same as in English
Indonesian Pengumpul Same as in English
Romanian Colectorul Same as in English
Japanese コレクター Same as in English
Turkish Toplayıcı Same as in English
Arabic المجمع Same as in English
Greek Ο συλλέκτης Same as in English
Hawaiian ʻO ka Luna Dute Same as in English
Hebrew האספן Same as in English
Vietnamese Ngươi sưu tâm Same as in English
Welsh Y Casglwr Same as in English

Magic Mouth Voices




  • Despite appearing only once in his own world, The Collector is actually the most frequently encountered character in LittleBigPlanet, appearing once in every world of the game.
  • Little Toggle is strong enough to pick up The Collector as seen in The Journey Home, which probably means The Collector is quite light.
  • The Collector is shorter than a normal sized Sackperson.
  • The collector is the only antagonist that doesn't have animations, due to him being made of cardboard.
  • As the collector is an inventor it wouldn't be far to assume that he made The Negativitron. due to Newton failing Popit academy, he's too dumb to have made it. It cant be the The Puppeteer due to him only making puppets and learned from his mistakes, he has too many morals to have made it. it also cant be any of the Creator Curator's due to them being heros.
  • The Collector once is going to be a human character, as evidence the early June 2008 icon for the Wilderness depicts him as a bearded man wearing some sort of eyepatch.