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The Alliance is a group in LittleBigPlanet 2 dedicated to defeating the Negativitron before it destroys the Cosmos.

From left to right: Avalon, Victoria, Eve and Larry


This group was founded by Larry Da Vinci and Avalon Centrifuge. They are dedicated to defeating the Negativitron and protecting all of Craftworld. At the start of the game the only members are Larry and Avalon but after Larry saves you from the Negativitron with his robotic claw they recruit you to join the group. The Alliance is consisted of (in order) Larry Da Vinci, Avalon Centrifuge, Victoria Von Bathysphere, Clive Handforth, Eve Silva Paragorica, and Dr. Herbert Higginbotham.


All of the Alliance members have a role.

  • Larry Da Vinci is the founder and leader of the Alliance.
  • Victoria Von Bathysphere constructed the Sackbot Army.
  • Clive Handforth helped rescue the Sackbots from The Factory of a Better Tomorrow.
  • Avalon Centrifuge constructs machines. (and appears to have designed Huge Spaceship.)
  • Eve Silva Paragorica helps rescue Dr. Herbert Higginbotham and helps purge his meanie infection.
  • Dr. Herbert Higginbotham repaired Huge Spaceship and helped pilot it.
  • Sackthing helps the Alliance by going on missions, and ultimately destroys the Negativitron.