Swoop was the first one we came up with. She has a specific purpose – Swoop can fly, and she can access hard to reach places. One of the most useful things with Swoop is that she can pick things up – objects, but also the other characters, with the exception of ‘big’ Toggle.
— PlayStation blog description[1]

Swoop is a playable character that is similar to a bird, but made out of cloth and other knick-knacks. Swoop can fly and glide around like a sparrow.

Similarly to a real bird, Swoop makes erratic twitches commonly.


After the first defeat of the Titans, Swoop retired to Bunkum Lagoon, spending her days among the clouds. However, Swoop joins the team after rescuing Sackboy from a fall.

The Journey Home DLC

In, "The Journey Home" DLC, Swoop visits the factory of a better tomorrow, the skin you an unlock is an alien bird.




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