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Stichem Manor is the second to last level in the Prologue of LittleBigPlanet 3 and takes place after Newton's Airship. After a crash landing you arrive a Stichem Manor. Home to Nana Pud and the resting place of the dreaded titans. As time is running out, Sackboy must brave his way through the manor and get to Nana Pud before she releases the Titans... Meanwhile Newton heads off to boil some eggs, don't threat however as he says he is right behind you...safely behind you.


  • Input item via source mode


  •  ???


  •  ???


  • Floral Fabric
  • Cutlery 2


  •  ???

Level Complete

  • (Sticker) Purple Moon
  • (Costume) Nana Pud
  • (Background) Needlepoint (Winter)

Find All Goodies

  • (Music) 'Stitchem Manor'
  • Gnarled Branch
  • (Sticker) Love Heart Underpants

Aced Level

  •  ???
  •  ???

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