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Stickers and decorations are collectable items within LittleBigPlanet that do not have any physical properties. They are accessible to the player in both Play and Create Mode, and may even be placed in a player's Pod.

How to use

To use stickers and decorations, open the Popit Menu using X, and select Stickers & Decorations. Press X to select an item, then use the left analog stick to move it around the environment. Move the right analog stick up or down to change its size and left or right to turn it. You can also press R3 to flip the sticker/decoration. Once you are content with the size and location of the sticker/decoration, press X to stamp the chosen embellishment into place. Press Circle to return to the Popit Menu.

How to remove

To remove a sticker or decoration, open the Popit Menu, choose the Stickers & Decorations icon and select the Stickers & Decorations Edit Tool. Use the left analog stick to move the Edit Tool over the undesired item, which will emit a glow. Press X button to lift the item into the air and press Circle to delete it and exit the Popit Menu.

Another method of removing stickers and decorations is quite similar. Like the last one, you use the edit tool and move it to the undesired object(s), but press Triangle. This simply removes the sticker from wherever it was placed. It is better for removing large amounts of stickers and/or decorations quickly, like when one of your friends starts spamming stickers and decorations everywhere.

Using the PlayStation Eye

If a PlayStation Eye is connected to the PlayStation 3 and the player has collected a PlayStation Eye sticker, they can create personalized pictures by pointing the PlayStation Eye at the desired subject, opening the Popit Menu, choosing the Stickers & Decorations icon and selecting the PlayStation Eye Camera page. They may then select a sticker shape and move it around the scenery: when it's in the right place, they must simply press X to capture the image and 'stick' it to the level.

Obtainment Method

Stickers and decorations are usually obtainable by playing the story mode's levels. Others can be obtained by purchasing a DLC pack from the store.



There are 14 categories of stickers, titled: Animals, Architecture, Body, Colors, Concepts, Decorative, Doodles, Face, Foliage, Objects, Realistic, Scenic, Signs and Text.


There are 6 different categories of decorations, titled: Accessories, Animals, Characters, Foilage, Jewellery, and Scenery.

In LittleBigPlanet 3, there are new types of decorations that have a color wheel at the corner of them. The color can change by putting it on your Sackperson (it will become your character color when placed) or by putting it on a Sticker Panel and editing the color you want.