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The Start Button on a PlayStation 3 controller.

The Start Menu is a menu which can be accessed pretty much anywhere throughout the LittleBigPlanet universe. It can be accessed by pressing the 'Start' button.

Start Menu Features

Press the 'START' menu during gameplay and the Start Menu will be displayed. Choose 'Return to Pod' or 'Restart Level' or choose any of the other options below.

Videos and Voice Overs

Having trouble with LittleBigPlanet or your latest masterpiece? Don't get flustered: check out a wide selection of helpful Tutorial Videos - there are plenty to find on your travels!


Alter the LittleBigPlanet Display Settings and Audio Settings.

About this Level

Learn more details about the level you're exploring: who created it, the sights to see and what you can expect to do there.

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