The seal for this level.

The Skulldozer

Skulldozer is the final level in The Wedding.

When Don Lu doesn't come back with you at the end of The Darkness, Frida goes mad with rage at the thought that he may have left her and rampages the wedding with her Skulldozer.


The level is played like a Race, and you have 120 seconds to escape. The Skulldozer begins chasing after you and you have to jump over wobbly platforms, some of which break, to try and keep ahead of Frida. The Prize Bubbles can be found on top of the teetering platforms or at the end of long jump chains. While The Skulldozer does not kill you itself, it is coated with red Horrible Gas that kills you before it runs you down. The Skulldozer will also throw flaming balls from its mouth if its nears you. If you die, you instantly respawn from the checkpoint which is attached to the front of the Skulldozer. It is recommended to run through the level once to get used to it, and later return to gather the remaining Prize Bubbles. This way, you don't have to keep restarting the level when you die. The level may need to be replayed several times in order to collect all of the Prize Bubbles. By completing the level while collecting all prize bubbles, you unlock the Skulldozer itself. If you ace the level, you get the Roman Helmet costume piece.


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