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Sensei's Lost Castle is the second level in The Islands in LittleBigPlanet's Story mode. In it, you have to recover Grandmaster Sensei's lost castle, as the name suggests. It is hard at first, but if you play it over and over again, like The Bunker, it becomes easier to ace.

First Set of Wheels

Soon after you come in, you will see a giant wheel. After you climb up, you see more wheels. Before you ascend, go to the left to find a room with several sticker switches. After you get the prizes, use the smallest wheel to spin up to the next wheel. Balance on this wheel until you can jump and grab onto the next wheel. When the sponge side of the other wheel is grabable, jump and grab onto it. Then jump onto the other two wheels. You have now conquered the first set of wheels.

Second Set of Wheels

If you thought the fist set was hard, you were wrong. This time the wheels are moving back and forth, and, even worse, there is fire below. If you time it properly (you have to be a true ninja) then you can hop from wheel to wheel with ease (if you do this then you don't get the checkpoints). If you do not follow the steps above, then slowly and carefully spin the wheel and hop onto the next. Get the checkpoints along the way. If you are about to fall onto a checkpoint below the one you are at, either pop yourself or fall onto the fire. Once you get to the top, you have conquered possibly the hardest part of the level.

2-Player Challenge

One player has to move a sponge circle below while the other player hops over pits to reach the prizes. Afterwards, you can take the circle below the challenge to get another prize.


The Sumo

The battle in this level is with a sumo wrestler. This could be considered a mini-boss battle. All you have to do is pop all the creature brains. The only thing that can kill you is the sumo wrestler's foot, by crushing you.