Score Bubbles are one of four collectables found in levels as you journey through LittleBigPlanet. Along with Prize Bubbles, Keys and Collectabells, Score Bubbles help motivate you to make progress and compare your efforts to other players.

An example of a score multiplier.

Collecting a Score Bubble increases your score by 10 points. The insides of Score Bubbles contain a gaseous substance that floats far away when popped. The colour of the gas is determined by the closest sacks colour of its Popit Menu. This helps to confirm who gets points when multiple players are trying to get the same score in bubble.

Score Ruling

Your score is determined at the end of the level. If you die, you lose 5% of your points, so beware! The points create a rather competitive aspect to the game, for scores are saved once you have reached a level's Scoreboard, which will then save your score to the online scoreboards.

Score Multipliers

If you collect 5 bubbles in a row, you will get a Score multiplier, which, as the name suggests, will multiply your score. Collecting an additional set of 5 bubbles will increase the multiplier by +1, so collecting 10 bubbles will give you a 3 times multiplier. collecting 15 bubbles will give you a 4 times multiplier, etc. The multiplier can count up to a maximum of 100, but will reset if a player does not collect another bubble within one second. The multiplier will multiply by how many points you earned from the bubbles you collected in a row. For example, if you collect 10 bubbles, that will give you 100 points; now, multiplying 100 by 3 will give you 300 points.


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There are 3 trophies involving Bubbles:

  • 2x Multiplier!: Awarded for collecting 5 bubbles.
  • 8x Multiplier!: Awarded for collecting 35 Bubbles in quick succession.
  • 20x Multiplier!: Awarded for collecting 90 Bubbles in quick succession.
  • Hi-Score: Obtain 1,000,000 points in total across all levels you have played. Possible to do across all Story levels, but people have made custom levels containing 1,000,000 points alone.
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