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Scarlet is Sackboy's mentor and Craftworld's last remaining Knitted Knight.

Personality & Appearance

Scarlet is a confident and brave Sackling who is the last member of the Knitted Knights. She sees something in Sackboy and wants to mentor him to be a Knight himself. She is a plucky, witty yet also a caring, maternal character to Sackboy, who grows very fond of her by the end of the game. She seems in good spirits about her older age, never letting it get in the way of her adventuring.

Scarlet is an older Sackling. She shares Sackboy's default brown hessian skin and has cartoonish eyes, similar to Sackgirl's. She has white woolen hair with colourful beaded braids and wears a black eyepatch. Dressed in a brown waistcoat, black shirt and red tie and adorned with various exploration equipment she's always prepared for a new adventure.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Scarlet's job is to help Sackboy on his adventure to stop the Dastardly Vex, as well as help him become a Knitted Knight. She first meets Sackboy in A Big Adventure where she explains about the ethereal Dreamer Orbs. She then frequently pops up to give Sackboy advice, exposition and encouragement.

She fills various other roles throughout the game; including the game's narrator, providing tips when traversing the World Maps and curating the Knitted Knight Trials.

She makes appearances in the following levels, primarily through the start or ending cutscenes:

The Gathering Storm

Scarlet also appears as a protagonist in a Sackboy: A Big Adventure comic that was included in pre-order bundles. The comic acts as a prequel to the game, revealing more about Scarlet's past. In the events of the Gathering Storm, Scarlet is on the hunt for a dear friend who was stolen from her.

In a flashback Scarlet explains that, like other Sacklings, she grew up in the village of Loom. From a young age she always wanted to be a Knitted Knight and in frustration she made her own Knitted Knight doll who she claims kept her going and motivated her throughout the years.

Back in the present, and after much searching, it is revealed at the end of the comic that the dear friend she was hunting for was in fact her doll. After the rescue the two are reunited as she contemplates training her own successor someday.


  • Scarlet is the first ever Creator Curator introduced that is another Sackling.
  • Scarlet takes over Stephen Fry as the game's Narrator.


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