Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game developed by Sumo Digital that was announced on June 11th, 2020, during the "PS5: The Future of Gaming" event. 

In Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Sumo Introduces Sackboy | PS5, it was confirmed that the focus is solely on play; thus Create Mode is not present, however. The game was a launch title for PS5, so it released on the 12th of November 2020.

Some elements from previous games have returned, such elements include the eponymous Sackboy, multiplayer, costumes, Score Bubbles, Bounce Pads, the Grappling Hook, Hazards, Collectabells, ZomZom's Shop, and Slides.


The dastardly Vex (a near-mythical being born of chaos and fear, no less) kidnaps Sackboy’s friends and forces them to build his Topsy Turver.

This most deadly diabolical device will transform Craftworld from a fantastical land of pure imagination and innocent dreams… into a torrid, barren eyesore of nightmares. Ooh, the fiend!

But legend tells of a prophecy from deep within the ancient order of the Knitted Knights, Craftworld’s legendary protectors. For only the brave, fearless, chivalrous, and yes, gallant can save the day in an almost too dramatic for words race against time stuffed with danger and peril. So much peril.

Set off alone or with your bravest friends on a whirlwind of capers across the snowiest mountains, the leafiest jungles, the wettest underwater realms, and the, uh, spaciest of space colonies.

Takedown Vex. Save the sack-folk. Save the day. It’s time to fulfill your destiny, Sackboy. From woolly wonderkid and hessian hero… rise our Knitted Knight.


  • Sackboy - Playable Character.
  • Scarlet - Sackboy’s mentor and Craftworld’s last remaining Knitted Knight.
  • Flowers - They act as launch pads as you jump into there heads to launch you higher.
  • Mama Monkey - The Creator Curator of Colossal Canopy.
  • N.A.O.M.I - A Creator Curator of Interstellar Junction who seem to be possessed.
  • Monkeys - Characters from Colossal Canopy.
  • King Bogoff - A Creator Curator of The Kingdom of Crablantis.
  • Yetis - Characters from Soaring Summit.
  • Gerald Strudleguff - An explorer who appears in every world.
  • Yellow Blue Creature - Flees from you.
  • Jellyfish - Can materialize platforms when hit.


  • Vex (Villain) - A near-mythical being born of chaos and fear.
  • Banana Thief (Boss) - TBA
  • Vexed Mamapede (Boss) - It digs into the ground.
  • Ruffled Ruffian (Boss) - Can smack you with his sticky hands.
  • Shocking Whirlwolf
  • Vexed N.A.O.M.I (Boss) - This boss seems to be possessed. It blasts laser beams.
  • Giant Jellyfish - Dematerialize objects.
  • Swimming Goggle Creature - TBA
  • Two-Legged Minion - Can do a ground pound that creates a shockwave.
  • Bear - Can attack with roasted marshmallows.
  • Spring Bots - Sprung high, seemly could block your Path.
  • Purple Bull - Can dash towards you.
  • Red Minion - Basic enemies.
  • Square Minions - Seems to walk in a line.
  • Red Flying Minion - TBA
  • Flying Cyan Minion - Dashes side to side.
  • Green Bird Minion - TBA
  • Blue Frog Minion - TBA
  • Spikey Pufferfish - TBA
  • Turrets - Shoots purple plasma.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure seems to be the first LittleBigPlanet game with full 3D gameplay, as opposed to the 2.5D gameplay of the previous titles aside from LittleBigPlanet Karting. The player can jump, collect Score Bubbles, hop on Bounce Pads, and defeat enemies. It also appears they can roll around in a ball, throw weapons and cause platforms to appear.





Sackboy A Big Adventure - Official Reveal Trailer PS5 Reveal Event

Announcement trailer

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