Sackboy is the default protagonist of the LittleBigPlanet series of games. He and his female counterpart, Sackgirl, are small entities called Sackpeople, Sackfolk, or Sack Things.



Sackfolk are made out of various cloths (mainly brown knitted wool), and stuffing, with stitches clearly visible, and a large zipper down the front of their chest. Sackpeople are stuffed with fluff, and also mentioned to be stuffed with ice cream, too.


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Sackpeople are customizable, with their skin and attire being changeable. Stickers and Decorations can also be attached to a sackperson.

As well as the Costumes originally included in the game, there are also extra costumes, most of which are cameos of other video-game characters, which can be bought on the PlayStation Store.

Appearances in other games

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サックプーチン LiBit
Romanian băiatul sac Sackboy


  • Sackpeople are apparently only 16.5 centimeters tall.[source?]
  • Sackboy has appeared in every LBP game up-to-date.

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