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The Sackbot Valley

The Sackbot Valley is a village most likely built by both Victoria Von Bathasphere and The Sackbots. It is a location within the planet Craftworld. The town is overgrown and nature dominates. It is also were the Move Pack takes place.


The valley is mainly composed of Sackbot Houses made of wood and roofs out of hay, they are almost always supported by rocks or logs. It is littered with water wheals, apple trees, waterfalls and streams. Plants are seen growing everywhere. The village lead into the Dark old Dark Woods which have underground tunnels beneath them. And The House that Science Built above it.


It is made of (from down - to up):

  • Ground =
    • materials - Plain Card, Bumpy Card, Soil and Crumpled Paper,
    • stickers - Pebbles and Pebbles-Halftone,
    • decorations - Oval Pebble and Round Pebble,
    • objects - Pebble.
  • Grass =
    • materials - Plain Card (whith stickers and paintings), Green Patchwork and Green Collage,
    • decorations - Blade Of Grass and Moss.
  • Other vegetations and animals =
    • materials - Artisian Paper and Jelly,
    • stickers - Ash Tree, Barbed Wire, Birch Tree, Blue Tit, Branch-Bare, Branch-Leafy, Eye-Dark, Eye-Open, Eye-Wide, Great Tit, Larch Tree, Leaf Vein, Owl, Scots Pine, Swallow, Tree Rings, Tree Rings-Full and Tree Rings-Partial.
    • decorations - Ant, Broccoli, Cardboard Pine Tree, Dark Wood Chip, Ladybird, Miscanthus, Mushroom Cluster, Oak Leaf, Splintered Wood Chip, Sunflower, Sweet Chestnut Leaf, Tall Mushroom, Tan Wood Chip, Tree Break, Twig-Bare, Twig-Thin and Wood Chip Fragment.
    • objects - Brown Pinecone, Conker, Conker Shell, Egg Sheel Botton, Egg Sheel Top, Thick Branch and Twig.
  • Others =
    • materials - Doormat, Felt Tip Waves, Green Damask Paper, Green Stripes Wallpaper, Paper Check, Red Fleur, Tisue, Wicker and Wooden Planks,
    • stickers - Black Screen Print Circle, Black Screen Print Heart, Black Screen Print Square, Black Wave Gradient, Block Of Text, Brush Block x2, Cardboard Panel, Crosshatch Square, Cursor, Felt Tip Grandiet, Frontispiece, Motion Controller, Move Button, Multiple Arrows, Music Notation, Music Notation Block, Navigatin Controller, Orange Rosette, Orientation 1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Paint Flakes-Black and White, Paint Flakes-Green, Paint Tool Logo, Semicircle, Smear, Sparkle, T Button, Tape Measure, Watercolor Gradient, Weathered Sticker, White Screen Print Circle, White Screen Print Heart, White Screen Print Square, White Stripes, White Wave Gradient and Wireless Controller,
    • decorations - Blue Cocktail Umbrella, Brass Fastener, Brown Button, Candle, Candle Holder, Corner Tape, Gold Frame, Old Wood Frame, Penne Pasta, Plain Wood Frame, Red Cocktail Umbrella, Safety Pin, Staple, Straw Moustache, Tailor’s Pin, Tape, Toothpick and Yellow Cocktail Umbrella,
    • objects - Cardboard Halfpipe, Kniting Yarn, Marble and Wooden Ball.
  • Air =
    • stickers - Cloud Scribble,
    • decorations - Tissue Cloud.
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