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Runaway train level entry.

Runaway Train is the nineth level in LittleBigPlanet 2, by Victoria von Bathysphere.

Strategy guide description

Together, your Sack Person and Larry Da Vinci venture forth to the Far East to meet fellow Alliance member Victoria von Bathysphere. However, the moment they arrive, the Negativitron strikes again! It descends upon Victoria's castle,forcing her to flee as her home is overrun.

Moments later, her train comes careening toward the dynamic duo and shakes to a thunderous stop. Distraught and filled with self-doubt, Victoria is inconsolable at losing her home. Worse still, The Negativitron has stolen her army of Sackbots and mutated many into horrific abominations.

In spite of the tragedy, Larry sees this as an opportunity for your Sack Person to take on it's first Alliance mission. Learn to master the Grabinator as the train zooms to the castle.



  • Aviatress Gloves
  • Aviatress Headgear & Hair
  • Aviatress Jacket & Top
  • Aviatress Scarf
  • Aviatress Trousers
  • Cupcake Skin
  • Steam Sack Helmet
  • Steam Sack Suit


  • Corner Swirl Motif
  • Iron Cakestand
  • Jam Logo
  • Kettle Lady
  • Oval Frame Sketch
  • Paint Splodge---Black
  • Paint Splodge---Navy Blue
  • Paint Splodge---Purple
  • Paint Splodge---Terracotta
  • Paint Square---Dark Purple
  • Paint Square---Gold
  • Paint Square---Plum
  • Swagged Skirt
  • Tree Motif 1
  • Tree Motif 2
  • Union Jack
  • Victoria Ego


  • Cream Swirl
  • Round Doily
  • Steampunk Pipe


  • Floral Wallpaper
  • Jelly---Orange
  • Jelly---Strawberry
  • Light Brass
  • Purple Quilted


  • Antique Light Bulb
  • Vanilla French Fancy
  • Wrought Iron Swirl

Level Complete

  • Costume: Cupcake Hat
  • Material: Jelly---Lime
  • Music: 'The Lab' IntMusic

Collect All

  • Decoration: Icing Drips
  • Decoration: Picture Frame---Teapot Train
  • Music: 'Panic'

Aced Level

  • Costume: Flaskboy Headpiece 1
  • Costume: Sack-in-a-Clock Hat
  • Decoration: Picture Frame---Gentleman


  • There is a glitch which you can escape the level from. Pick up another player, go behind a layer, jump behind the train and throw the other player, if done successfully you should escape the level. You may find random unused stuff such as a Cake Meanie which can be seen in early LBP2 trailers.

    The most obvious thing you can find.

  • The first time you get Grabinator, go to the train with the Prize Bubbles inside a circle with 2 players or more. Grab a block and some how your Sackperson will run to the wall quickly and the block will disappear. Also, sometimes the Checkpoint will fall out.
  • You can grab the flying Cake Meanie, however the tail will swing and kill you.
    A Photo 32.jpg


  • This level may be a reference from the infamous 'Train Bomb Survival' levels from LittleBigPlanet, as it is on a train.
  • This level is the first time you use the Grabinator.
  • The train does not move, it just has moving gas floor.
  • You cannot touch the floor as gas is covering it.
  • This is the first level in Victoria's Laboratory.
  • This is the first level where you have animated materials in prize bubbles. These materials are: Jelly-Orange, Jelly-Strawberry and Jelly-Lime.
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