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There are 13 trophies in Run Sackboy! Run! for PS Vita. This includes 9 Bronze trophies, 3 Silver trophies and 1 Gold trophy.

Please note that there are no trophies for the iOS or Android versions of Run Sackboy! Run!.

Bronze Trophy Silver Trophy Gold Trophy
L Plates Gone
Reach Level 2
Employee of the month
Reach Level 20
60 minute mile
Play Run Sackboy! Run! for an hour.
Bubble Hoarder
Collect 10,000 bubbles in total.
All Mine
Collect 50,000 bubbles in total.
What to wear?
Own 10 Costumes.
Stickers mean prizes!
Collect the reward forcompleting a sticker theme.
Run Sackboy! Run!
Run a total of 100,000 metres.
Sackboy the Destroyer!
Destroy 1000 enemies.
Shields up!
Deflect a missile with a shield.
Maximum power!
Fully upgrade one power-up
Extra Life
Use 10 Save-Me Hearts
Escape artist
Near miss the Negativitron 25 times