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Prologue Book 1: Manglewood Book 2: The Ziggurat Book 3: Bunkum Lagoon Popit Puzzles
The Prologue is where the adventue of LittleBigPlanet 3 begins.The overall theme of this area varies, as levels take place in many different locales.
The Prolouge begins with the player (Sackboy) exploring Craftworld. The player then gets sucked through space to a whole new world: Bunkum.

The player is introduced to Newton who explains his reasons for transporting the player to his world. Newton proceeds to explain that in the past, three fearsome titans feasted on Bunkum's creativity. Luckily, three heroes managed to defeat the titans and seal them away. However, an ancient legend foretells the return of the titans, and Newton believes that they will be released that very night by an old hag named Nana Pud.

The player then set out on a quest to stop Nana Pud and stop her from releasing the titains...

Creator Curator: Nana Pud
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Side Quests

  • None
  • This area is also referred as Stitchem and Needlepoint.
  • Unlike the other 3 areas, the Prologue is not a "Book".
  • The Prologue is the only area in LittleBigPlanet 3 (not including Popit Puzzles) to not have a central hub level, but in the alpha version of the LBP3, it was originally gonna have one, with the hub being called Stitchem Green, a town with sackpeople, animals, and a talking puppet, and they also had voice actors.
  • If you ace the final boss, you will receive a sticker. If you use the sticker back in the introduction level, you will recieve LittleBigPlanet related items, allowing you to get the golden bag icon.