Pinky Buflooms is the Creator Curator of the Bunkum Lagoon, who is a character in LittleBigPlanet 3. She refers to herself as the queen of Bunkum, and Protector of the 'Creative Heart'.



She resembles a puppet. She wears a masquerade and a jester type hat with a big pink rose on it. She wears a very extravagant dress with feathers and is very royal like.


Pinky Buflooms is the Creator Curator of the Bunkum Lagoon, as well as 'queen', seeing how she presents herself as such. Additionally, she's the protector of the 'Creative Heart'. 

After Newton stole the Creative Heart, she claims that she has lost her temper. In fact, she acts in an hostile manner to everyone around her, making threats and insulting people, like Sackboy, Newton and Swoop. She is very clean and hates disgusting environments (as seen in Belly of the Beast), one to get annoyed extremely easily, and a flamboyant marionette who's full of herself, yet able to recognize others achievements and be grateful about it.


  • In one of the first trailers ever shown for LittleBigPlanet 3, she had a much different design, and was called "Pinky Booflums".[1]


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