Pinballs in the Mist is the first to last cutscene level in LittleBigPlanet 3, located in Manglewood.


Marlon Random: Wow! The set for Pinballs in the Mist! What a classic!

Careful where your step,

you never know that...

...lurks behing to scenes...

What was that?

Anyone there? Back off!

I played someone who knew karate!

Wait... is it?

Yes, yes! It is!

May I present... star of stage and screen:


Oddsock... let me introduce you to CLOTH KID!

Look at you two! Natural co-stars! What chemistry!

Ugh! We'd better roll. This place isn't safe. Ah...

...Look out!

That was not in the script!

Thankfully, I'm a master of improvisation...

Cloth Kid, you head back to the Swamp!

We'll see you up there!


Ready to step back into the limelight?

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